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The road from depression to complete recovery

This is Boya!

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I have the depression.I re-employed the current company three years ago as hiring people with disabilities.

The company had no  system  from the contract employees(people with disabilities) to full-time employees.I have been requested for two years.And as a new personeel system, I have finally achieved the switch of employment to full-time employees.

The company was the first attempt in Japan. I was selected as one of them.

It took me 10 years because I had many twists and turns to get here since I left my job.

I was very anxious because the situation has changed dramatically in the last few months due to the corona storm.

However, the people who supported my article read the article and pushed "Good", which was a support to my heart.

thank you very much!

And here is the production for me.

I would like to update myself more and more, so please continue to support me!

I would like to publish articles based on my experience to those who have not given up on the future.

I hope I can take a new step with my article.

This time, I would like to summarize the journey of about 13 years from my depression to the complete recovery.

Let's go!

table of contents

  1. Boya's history of depression
  2. Looking back on the period until the resurrection
  3. Indispensable in my life
  4. Related article

Boya's history of depression

13 years history
■ Situation at the time of onset

Worked as a system engineer for a major consulting company
I was married and had children
I started making mistakes at work and became overly depressed about what I was usually careful about.
The weight at that time was in the 90 kg range
Remorse becomes stronger for work and private mistakes and anger all the time, and I can not enter the workplace first
The company immediately removes me from the project I'm in charge of and takes a two-month leave
Transferred because the hospital for the first visit did not fit. Meet your current doctor
Diagnosed as adjustment disorder by the attending physician
■ From the time of onset to about 2 years-Period of repeated leave and return to work-

Repeated leave and reinstatement

The leave period is 2 months each time
Even if I return to work, it will recur in 1 to 2 months
It is regulated by the consulting company that was in office
Automatic retirement due to exceeding the cumulative leave period
■ 2nd to 3rd years — Period of repeated job changes and leave —

After retiring from the previous job, change jobs without putting in hair
Get a system development job on site for more than 2 hours commuting
Recurrence 2 months after changing jobs
I decided to take a leave of absence, but that triggered my retirement recommendation
My ex-wife told me that I was divorced and I felt hopeless.
Move and live alone
I changed jobs immediately, but it recurred in a month
After taking leave, the president advised me to retire and left my job
Determined to be unemployed for medical treatment after being persuaded by his parents
■ 4th to 7th years — Period of medical treatment and inactivity—

The days of just messing around all day as a hobby continue
Sometimes I go out because my friend invited me to eat and play
The divorce is finally established while the feeling of despair continues due to the arrangement of divorce
Living with unemployment insurance
Depression was too bad when unemployment insurance expired
Procedure for receiving welfare benefits ⇒ Obtain eligibility
Even while receiving welfare benefits, I worked part-time and got a job many times, and even if I was hired, I couldn't even go to work again.
The result of the health examination is still worse than the doctor
"If you continue to be in the current state for the next 10 years, you will die of cirrhosis."
Was diagnosed
Thorough dietary restrictions begin
MAX weight 117 kg ⇒ Successful diet up to 85 kg
Right elbow and cubital tunnel syndrome completely paralyzes the right little finger and is treated by surgery
■ 8th to 10th years — Life protection / rework period —

Catch information such as "If you go to rework, you can get a qualification of rehabilitation grade" on Mixi.
I do not know the truth of this information, but I know that there is a social welfare system called rework
Find a rework that is good at dealing with people with mental illness, observe it, and decide on admission
When I entered, I was going to graduate in 3 months
In the rework, we thoroughly worked on eating habits and lifestyle rhythm
Suspected sleep apnea syndrome by the awareness of the rework staff and hit it perfectly
Diagnosed as having severe apnea syndrome. CPAP treatment started
⇒Dramatic changes in sleep quality over the course of a year
Rework daily stretches and weekly dances add another 10 kg to 72 kg
Gradually prepare for job hunting from the time when sleep is calm
I found an incumbent job at Hello Work by searching for jobs that can be seen in the general public.
Apply for an incumbent job and select documents → proceed to the 1st to 3rd interviews and make an offer
■ 10 to 13 years — Reemployment period —

Livelihood protection → Shift to life by salary income
Re-employment due to employment of persons with disabilities
When I first joined the company, I was frustrated that I was not familiar with the site and was considered.
Even if I get a job again, my impatience for the future is very great
The main reason for my anxiety is salary, and I keep rushing to a lower salary than when I was a new graduate.
One year has passed and I have been working very stably. From this time, I proposed to the company to switch employment to full-time employees.
There is no career path for regular staff, but it is under consideration to establish a new career path.
Preparing for the wedding after two years of working
Face-to-face meeting of both families → preparation for marriage → enrollment → wedding → moving and 2018-2019 was a two-year angry wave.
It was a very heavy period, but the sense of accomplishment was enormous.
Start evaluation period for switching employment to full-time employees
Three years have passed since I joined the company, and after completing the evaluation, I will be a full-time employee from August 2020.
I intended to write it briefly, but I'm sorry if the amount of information is too much to understand.

Looking back on the period until the resurrection

Life began to change after I went to rework.

Until then, I had been job hunting in the dark clouds and had relapsed.

Treatment of apnea syndrome may have definitely been a turning point in life.

After my sleep recovered, I became more motivated and took dramatically less medication.

Then, during the rework period, I had the opportunity to read various self-development books, and began to imitate the mindsets and habits written in the books.

In an interview with the rework staff
"The atmosphere and behavior are the successes themselves. What is Boya aiming for (laughs)?"
I have been told.

The books I read during the rework period
"7 Habits"
"Vision mapping"
"Dragger Management"
And so on.

For me, sleep is a barometer of health, and I have developed a habit of feeling "dangerous" if my sleep quality is poor.

Even if I don't have any symptoms of fever or cold, if I feel that my sleep is very bad and I feel "just lazy", I am conscious of taking a day off immediately.

I also adjusted if I needed to make adjustments to rest.

There have been many times that I haven't had high stress over the last 3.5 years.

This is my theory,
"The same level of stress as despair at onset can occur many times."
I think.

It's a desperate and irreparable idea for some people.

There will always be situations such as the Battle of Gaixia, the Battle of Gaixia, and the inability to consult with anyone.

Especially when trying to raise the life stage, there will always be friction with the partner, and there will be situations where you cannot escape.

"If I was the one at the time of the onset, I would definitely relapse and stop thinking, be unable to act, and be in a state of despair."

There were many situations where it would be.

However, I am now and I am completely different.

Health, appearance, thinking, everything has changed.

Therefore, even if the same level of stress as at that time was applied, the way of receiving it was different, and it became possible to face each other and devise countermeasures.

In order to prevent physical health from becoming a drag on the point of "changing the way we perceive" and automatically strengthening negative thinking, we first worked on physical health.

That is the diet and rhythm of life, and as a result, the quality of sleep is improved.

However, better sleep does not eliminate negative thoughts.

Depending on the environment in which you grew up, you may suffer from a biased thinking habit.
For example
・ Extreme generalized thinking
・ Extreme remorse thinking
・ Extreme other responsibility thinking
I think that there are many people who have a habit of thinking like that in a conditioned reflex.

If these are very strong, you may need to consult a specialist in psychiatry for cognitive behavioral therapy.

However, it's best to start from the point where you can work on your own.

Indispensable in my life

I haven't had such an influential success that the general public is terrific.

However, from the state of livelihood protection to the regular staff of a large company, it has progressed steadily, although it is progressing like Ushiho.

Over the last 13 years, I have come to think that the following ideas are important for self-actualization.

I tried to make the above image in my own way. (Plenty of handwriting (laughs))

Mental body for self-actualization
This psychic body is a sphere. No matter which of the mind and body is missing, life will be wrong.

Let's take a look at each element.

The mind is the health of the mind. It is the richness and stability of the mind and the motivation of life. It begins to lack when stress is strong and negative thinking becomes strong.

Skills are skills for self-actualization, social way of life, and knowledge of money. In particular, knowledge of money includes managing income and expenditures and understanding the flow of money.

Even if you have a lot of money, if someone who does not have knowledge of money has it, you will just consume it. I think that a person who has both knowledge of increasing and decreasing money and has self-actualization ability can fill the area of ​​skill.

On the other hand, if you lack knowledge of money, skills, and way of life in society, you will start to lack areas.

The body is in good health. If you have an illness or lifestyle-related disease, the area will start to disappear.

Each psychic body is dependent, and if any of them is missing, it will not rotate.

If each is missing a little, it will continue to rotate. It's annoying not to notice immediately.

However, it gradually becomes difficult to move forward, and this figure is represented by a plane, but if you imagine this in 3D space, if the sphere is missing, you will be far from your goal (self-actualization). It is.
(I'm sorry I couldn't prepare the image!)

For the last 13 years, I have been trying to restore my mind and body to a normal spherical surface.

Until now, I haven't managed my money properly, but I managed to keep a detailed household account book, manage my income and expenditures, and after I got a new job, I saved money and got married.

It is also a fact that it took a long time to come to Stoic so far.
It's not that I don't have the skills because I've been highly evaluated in my work.
Still it took time.

Some companies will hire full-time employees in two years.

It took time because we originally did not have such a personnel system.

It seems that there are still many companies in the world that are not ready to hire people with disabilities.

That is why I hope that you will continue to make efforts to create an environment where you can easily consult with us and a working environment where you do not overwhelm employees so that you will not be separated from society.

For that reason, I would like to cooperate if I can consult with you.

And if you are worried at this moment or have already left your job, please try to acquire knowledge of physical and mental health and money so that the spherical surface of the above-mentioned mental and physical body will be smoothed. ..

It is good to acquire skills that are useful for work even after that.

Although it is related to techniques, please be aware of creating relationships that are easy to consult with, such as communication with your family.

It's really hard to hold it alone and get into a state of gaixia.

We recommend that you prepare multiple consultation destinations that will give you an objective consultation.

I always hope that my experience will be useful to you.

This time my history of depression.

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